Are you ready for the Growth Fundamentals Experience?

You want more freedom?

A better work-life balance?

And at the same time growth for your business?

But you are convinced this combination is not possible ? What if I tell it is and just by implementing a couple new & sustainable strategies?

Grant yourself this new way of working and experience a better work-life balance.

Me sitting

This is what you can expect:

Sophie Declercq

EXTRA: Personal Branding CEO

Do you, like Elon Musk, want to become the real image of your company but don’t know how?

Together we can also work on YOUR personal branding as the CEO of your company.

We will work on your online presence so you will become your industry go-to thought leader.

This is a separate program that can run in parallel with the 1-year growth fundamental experience program.

What can you expect:

  • Personal branding photoshoot
  • LinkedIn audit & rewrite
  • Company history
  • Conduct interviews with stakeholders to use their view of you in your personal messaging

Curious about the possibilities I see for you?

Each year, 10 CEO’s are selected to participate in this 1 Year Growth Fundamental Experience.

The program is for people who feel they really want to work with me, who consciously choose to make organizational changes and who are willing to go out of their comfort zone.

Practical: Please complete the questionnaire below so that I can prepare our conversation in the best possible way. The conversation will be via Google Meet and will take +/- 60 minutes.